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The benefits a clean office has for you, your employees, and your customers go deeper than the surface.

We get it. At Simple Clean we realize that a clean space isn’t just something you want, it’s something you need.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your office or commercial property cleaning. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, just leave us a sad face on a sticky note in the office and we will take the cleaning off the bill.

We will also meet with you to discuss what the problem areas were, and how we can better serve you! This is a relationship based company, so talking about everything concerning your investment is extremely important to us, and you!

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As our commercial cleaning client,
you will have the benefit and comfort of the following, GUARANTEED:

We guarantee that YOUR commercial cleaning service is fully licensed, insured and bonded, protecting YOUR New Jersey business from any lawsuits, personal injury, or property damage. We also guarantee that our staff is drug tested and background checked so you know your property is safe and sound, and you and your business are dealing with the pros.

YOURcommercial cleaning staff is donned with ID tags and a short bio, so you feel comfortable enough to talk with them, ask them questions about work, life, whatever! We want you to feel like you made the right call to hire people who YOU know, and can understand. Not outsiders who don’t fit your needs and values.

A graded inspection by each employee and supervisor that puts the accountability on us, so you don’t have to worry about babysitting, right?! Right. We have omitted the need for you to become one of our office cleaning staff, so you can clear that off your to-do list!

Call us right NOW and let’s get YOU taken care of!!

Reasons Not TO Hire Us

  • Having worked with Craig for a couple of months now, I can say he is one of the hardest working guys I know. You won’t find anyone that cares about his customers like he does. I love Craig and Simple Clean!

    Mike Campion
  • I’ve been working for Simple Clean for half a year, and it’s been a great experience. There’s a genuine sense ethic and quality, and we’re working everyday to figure out how to improve our cleaning, which I enjoy. Craig cares a lot about what he does and knows how to have fun doing it, and it’s a pleasure to work for him.

    Patrick Kennedy
  • Having lived in the Sussex Cty area for a short while, and not knowing anyone who had a cleaning service, I had to revert to Google and I luckily found Craig and his crew now in the nearby area. I was a little hesitant b/cuz as we know most men do not know what clean is. (haha) But Craig and his staff do know how to get the job done. They are efficient and friendly and if I see something else that needs to be done all I have to do is ask and they will add it to their routine. They show up on time, get to work and ask questions if needed. They are a little expensive, but well worth the price. I can’t say enough good about them. I only give four stars because we all need something to work towards…

    Diane Mahfouz
  • Simple Clean did an amazing post construction clean. There was dust on every surface and inside every cabinet…we are dust free now! The team was friendly, efficient and hard working. They even came in under budget! That’s didn’t happen on any other part of this project! I highly recommend this service.

    Karen Kirby
  • Professional Quality Service Bar None!

    We recently hired The Simple Clean Team to clean our office and couldn’t be happier!
    From the day we met to discuss our specific needs and expectations to the end results, the Simple Clean has exceeded our expectations in terms of value, expertise and overall experience.
    Like most people, our office is like our second home and nothing beats having a clean, fresh smelling office!
    We would highly recommend the Simple Clean for any of your cleaning needs!


    Dee Mahoney
  • Craig and the team at Simple Clean provide fabulous care to my home. Craig is committed to excellence in the work provided. Unlike a well known franchise that I worked with before there are no extra fees for deep cleaning, no long term contracts and BEST of all — Craig loves feedback. He personalizes the cleaning provided and if you have had a major onslaught of guests or just a messy, creative moment in the kitchen, let him know. His focus is on making your life easy and providing exactly the services you are looking for. Yes, I know there are a lot of superlatives here but try Simple Clean — you will be delighted

    Karen Stutzer
  • Craig and his team are the best! It’s not just that Craig has an exceptional attention to detail, which he does (and expects of his team) but it’s that he is a trustworthy and kind person. Someone that you actually feel OK having in your home, around your kids things, keeping your stuff safe and clean (and not full of chemicals.). Really, what more could you be looking for, a really great guy, running a business of honest, hardworking people, using natural products, keeping your home sparkling clean? There is never a moment that we have regretted or second guessed our decision to hire Craig. Simple Clean is simply the best!

    Joseph Fiore
  • We found Craig and his crew from the reviews on here!!! We were not disappointed, he came just in time I was having surgery and needed help they cleaned my house like never before and they just keep getting better. We love seeing Craig and the guys. They are all so personable, all around good cleaners and good guys!!
    They are worth every penny. See you Monday morning Craig, don’t forget we still owe you a cappuccino!!!

    Michelle Incorvaia
  • My family and I have been using Simple Clean for a few months now. Making the switch from our last cleaner has been the best choice we could have made. Besides the great work they do, Craig checks in with us on a regular basis to make sure their work continues to meet our (very needy) standards! It is very easy to tell how he is passionate about this company and his clients.

    Courtney Perdue
  • Craig and his team came and cleaned my home. They are the nicest crew and I felt so very comfortable with them in my house with my children and I. They did a thorough job (paying attention to the littlest detail and when I asked for something specific they guys where so sweet and accommodating) and I like that they didn’t use harsh chemicals. I usually do my own cleaning, but next time I need the extra help, I will without doubt ask they to come back. Simple Clean gets five stars for sure!

    Rebecca Stein
  • Craig and his team are the best! We have used him for a one off cleaning and years later splurged for weekly cleanings. Well worth the the money as every surface was scrubbed and sanitized. We have three kids – so we are happy knowing that our time can focus on them and quality time instead of cleaning.

    Greg Furrow
  • I recently moved into a new home (the first home I have ever purchased) and I can say without a doubt that my choice to use Simple Clean’s services was the most stress free part of the entire experience. Craig had his team come over to my house and clean the entire place to the point that it seemed as though no-one had ever lived there previously. It helped me and my girlfriend settle in 10 times faster. They were able to do in one day what we would of done in weeks. Everything was absolutely spotless and even 10 yr old carpets ended up looking brand new. I can’t not deny that I was beyond impressed with their services, speed, efficiency and also just the professionalism that not only Craig has but that is carried out by his staff. He expects nothing less from them than that. He even went as far as to call me after the cleaning was concluded to tell me if I find anything that was missed (there was nothing) in days to follow he would personally come back and clean it for me at no cost to me. That is not just outstanding customer service that shows a person who takes pride in their work and the company that they are building. NOTHING beats someone that takes pride in what they do. I would recommend simple clean to anyone that was looking for a cleaning service without thought. They are the best at what they do and I wouldn’t even consider recommending anyone else.

    John Locher
  • This is our first time using a cleaner/cleaning service. I must say we are delighted. Craig & his team come over every other Friday and it is such a pleasure to have a clean house for the weekend instead of using the weekend to clean our house!

    I especially appreciate the request for feedback and periodic check-ins by Craig. It makes it easier to suggest minor changes, making it less of a service and adding more of a personal touch. It’s been an easy addition to our live. I highly recommend Simple Clean!

    Wendy Hosier
  • Simple clean is outstanding! Not only are the staff friendly and courteous but they are extremely meticulous and incredibly efficient. We have entrusted Craig and his crew to clean PonderRosa Studios for for almost two years now and they never cease to amaze us! They even wear paper booties over their shoes for crying out loud! These guys are amazing!

    Erin Askin
  • Simple Clean does an amazing job and is by far the best cleaning service I’ve ever used. Craig is extremely reliable and trustworthy. Expect a thorough clean, not just light housekeeping and arranging of knick knacks.

    Sally Brown
  • We hired a cleaning service to 1) not spend a chunk of the weekend cleaning instead of enjoying and 2) have the right products used on the house. Simple Clean cleans our place while we’re at work, so that coming home feels (and smells) so, so good. They also use environmentally-safe products which is huge for us as we have a baby and don’t want our home doused in stinky bleach. Simple Clean cleans way better than we ever could. Craig is the owner and is an absolute pleasure to do business with!

    Barbra Merkle


Ready to save your time, money and frustration?
Get this 5 interview questions Property Managers need to ask when hiring Contractor Services.

This information will never be shared for third party


Ready to save your time, money and frustration?
Get this 5 interview questions Property Managers need to ask when hiring Contractor Services.

This information will never be shared for third party