We're Simple Clean, Not Complexity Clean.

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Since we hate marketing and we're not snake oil salespeople, we're just going to give you two FREE movie tickets, just to contact us and set up a meeting. Why? Ah, who knows, because you deserve it for contacting us. That's why.

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No one hates marketing more than Simple Clean, in fact it infuriates us.

”We’re the best”, or “We clean the greatest”, or even, “quality is our #1 concern”.Ugh. Really, I thought low quality was your #1 concern. How many times do we have to hear other services say that garbage just to put something out there? I mean, what’s the point. We get it, you are the best, we know. So is every other business in the service industry out there.

If you want to switch, and you found yourself here, then you are in the right spot, no B.S. Sure, we’ll persuade you with a couple of free movie tickets, because, well, why the hell not? What have you got to lose? You meet us, we knock your socks off with our pizazz and a dash of razzle dazzle, and then we become best friends. Period.

Put your name in the little form, and off you go. Talk soon.


Craig Kalucki- Owner of this fine establishment

7 things you NEED to keep your sanity,

before hiring any cleaning service


The benefits a clean office has for you, your employees, and your customers go deeper than the surface.

We get "it." That's all you really need to know, is that we understand life. Cleaning isn't rocket science, and it's not meant to be complex. That's why we named it Simple Clean, not Complexity Clean.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your office or commercial property cleaning.

Hate the cleaning we did? (It's not likely), but in the event you do, boom, it's taken off the bill. Simple. 

Of course we'll meet with you ASAP, find out why it happened, and why it won't happen again. This is a relationship, not a one and done deal. 


New Jersey Businesses We Serve

We like being small, and we're not a greedy company.


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