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September 15, 2016
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We all have at least one friend or relative who is a total clean freak. You know, that one person who never leaves home without their trusty bottle of hand sanitizer and packet of wet wipes? These people generally like to keep things germ-free, tidy, and organized. Sometimes these folks have diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or sometimes they’re just eccentric.

Regardless of why they are the way they are, these individuals can be difficult to shop for. How do you buy them a birthday present that is more useful and meaningful than a mop? It can be tricky. Good news! You can still find a unique gift to fit their personality – even when their hobby is cleaning.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 30 gifts for the zany, ever-organizing clean freak in your life. Let us know in the comments which is your top pick and why!

  1. Winbot – Cleaning windows can be a satisfying activity, but even more satisfying is watching this robot do the work for you! Winbot attaches itself to window surfaces and leaves a crystal clear trail behind.
  1. Dish brush – This isn’t your everyday dish brush: you can blow bubbles out of this one! Time to bust out your inner kid every time you do the dishes.
  1. Microfiber necktie – As you can guess, this isn’t a normal tie. This tie was made for the professional clean freak because this tie can also clean your touchscreen!
  1. Robot vacuum – Your clean freak friend or family member is probably always on the lookout for cool cleaning contraptions. Introduce them to this one – it’s a broom, trash bin, and dustpan all in one!
  1. Animal themed storage cubes – Ideal for getting the next generation of clean freaks excited about organization and cleanliness!
  1. Makeup brush cleaner – Don’t let makeup become a mess. Clean off your powder brushes using this convenient tool!
  1. Playful latex cleaning gloves – If you’re going to clean, clean in style. You might just have to join your clean freak friend on this one. How awesome are these gloves?!
  1. Keyboard cleaning jelly – You’ll have a hard time not playing with this when you aren’t cleaning!
  1. Feather duster – Want a quick way to feel more polished and sophisticated when you clean? Done. Use an ostrich feather duster!
  1. Gutter tongs – This toy – sorry, tool – makes cleaning the gutters fly by in no time. Meanwhile, you never have to leave the safety of the patio.
  1. Dishtowel set – There’s no need to overthink things. Any clean freak buddy will appreciate a brand new towel set.
  1. Fun colored buckets – No more stereotypical yellow buckets. These colors are spunky and will turn cleaning into a lively experience!
  1. Ladybug sweeper slippers – Not only are these fun, but they get the job done! By the time you do a couple laps around the house, your floors will be squeaky clean!
  1. Wall decal – If you’re going to spend a lot of the time cleaning and working in the laundry room, you might as well spiff it up a bit!
  1. Grill cleaner – Cookouts can get messy. With this gift, your favorite neat freak won’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning up after a barbecue!
  1. Precision cutting board – Ideal for your favorite, precision-loving cook! Perfectionist or not, there’s no denying this board is neat.
  1. Shelf storage baskets – Wish you had more cupboard space? Now you do! Use these hanging baskets to eliminate untidy closet clutter.
  1. T-shirt folder ­­– Both you and Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon Cooper can have perfectly folded shirts.
  1. Handmade laundry basket – Drowning in piles of laundry? Keep those clothes out of sight in a beautiful handcrafted basket while supporting a very worthy cause.
  1. Miniature trash cans – A cute addition to your desk space!
  1. Woven doormat – Let this trendy rug do the talking.
  1. Cool keychain – Tired of smudgy screens and fingerprints everywhere? Wipe off your phone and computer monitors with these handy fellas!
  1. Stackable drawers – Because what’s better than storing your possessions in bright, vividly colored stacking drawers? Exactly.
  1. Leaning desk – We can get behind this innovative setup. Need another incentive? More floor space and easy access for vacuuming!
  1. Pen, highlighter, and flags – All these incredibly useful features combined into one utensil? Yes, please! *neat freak applause*
  1. Funky soaps – Designed in all sorts of wacky shapes, these soaps make washing up an enjoyable experience for kids – and kids at heart! – of all ages.
  1. Storage boxes – Cute and stylish crates give you some organization when and where you need it!
  1. Trunk – Not just for dorm rooms anymore! Clean freaks love hiding clutter in plain sight.
  1. Microfiber cloths – Is there anyone who couldn’t use a set of great microfiber cleaning cloths? Nope.
  1. Phone sanitizer – Are you are all about sanitation practices to protect yourself? You might be a clean freak. Our list is not complete without cleansing the item that nowadays travels everywhere with us! In the course of a day, our phones encounter a lot of bacteria. Kill all those pesky germs with this sweet sanitizer.

In addition to providing great gift ideas for your clean freak friend or family member, Simple Clean provides high-quality cleaning at a competitive price to New Jersey businesses, from office buildings to daycares to fitness centers. We are a veteran-owned company dedicated to helping you and your establishment with all your cleaning needs. Simple Clean is proud to offer a wide variety of sanitation and cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, restroom sanitation, vacuuming, floor care, and many other janitorial services.

For more information about our available services, specific cleaning requirements you may have, or other questions, please email or call us today!

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30 Gifts for Your Favorite Clean Freak
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30 Gifts for Your Favorite Clean Freak
We all have at least one clean freak friend who never leaves home without their trusty bottle of hand sanitizer and packet of wet wipes Read more here.
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