Additional Cleaning Services

The benefits of our additional cleaning services are for YOU to enjoy everyday, and SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY!

Carpet cleaning

Having your carpet maintained and cleaned not only gives your business an aesthetic value, but WILL PUT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. Here are the benefits you will receive by using our professional carpet cleaners:

Improved durability of your carpet, so it lasts longer and does not need to be replaced as often. This saves you TIME, MONEY, and work stoppage for when you have to put in new carpet because it wasn't well kept.

People generally clean carpets because they look bad, but rarely do they clean them as a health concern. Removing deeply trapped bacteria with our machines will keep you and your employees healthier which will allow you to be able to take those sick days, when your not sick!

Once carpet extraction is complete, your carpet is vacuumed with professional equipment to keep allergens and bacteria from spreading, further protecting your office and employees after the carpet cleaning. We won’t leave you behind.

Commercial Tile and Grout Care:

CUSTOMERS NOTICE EVERYTHING. Dirt and mold build up over time, attract bacteria, and if not kept up with, can destroy your building. Through regular maintenance you can save your business time and money! Not to mention, you'll have a business that pays attention to the details of its space, and cares about their employees health! Statistics DO show employees with a clean workspace are more productive, and tend to come to work more often. Don’t be that business with an un-kept bathroom floor, black grout, and filthy tiles in your lobby. Here are more BENEFITS on keeping up with your floors and tile:

TIME! You have a job to do, so do we. It’s time to concentrate on what you are paid to do, so you can be super, super, productive and look like the ROCKSTAR you already are.

Employees will WANT TO COME TO WORK! A clean bathroom, shiny floors let’s them know their business cares about them and the way it presents itself. It’s awesome when an employee wants to show their family where they work, and how great it is. Let us help YOU be that business!

YOUR CUSTOMERS will be impressed, and, simply put, LOVE YOU MORE! Think about a nice, clean bathroom floor, or a freshly polished lobby area, and how you felt when you saw it. You probably said something like, “This is a professional operation here, I’m so glad I do business with them, they get it.”

While we know that it’s tough to spend the money in places you may see as “just something extra.” Our research shows these items can actually make you MORE MONEY! From a logical standpoint, people will feel better about being somewhere that is organized and professionally well maintained, therefore making YOU MORE POPULAR than your competitors.

DON'T wait for the important places in your building to start falling apart, get ahead of the problem!

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