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Not Just a Janitorial Service, a Family – It isn’t unusual for cleaning services to provide their clients with new employees each and every time they schedule a cleaning. Some may be okay with this, but we at Simple Clean promise to provide you with employees you know, trust, and recognize each time you hire us! We strive to keep Family First a core value, pay close attention to reducing our turnover rate, and promise employees that absolutely LOVE the job they do. When you hire us, you aren’t just hiring a cleaning crew, you’re hiring a family.

We’ll Work with You to Ensure Satisfaction! – We follow a "One Time Simple System", meaning that YOU won’t EVER have to be held accountable for our service, and that’s that! Although we know it’s rare today, you can work with a cleaning company that asks hardly anything of its clients! Yes, there is such a thing. If during our cleaning, we miss something from your CORE FOUR problem areas, we will take the cleaning off your bill, no questions asked. Simply let us know by drawing a sad face on a sticky note and leave it somewhere in the building. We will then schedule a personal meeting to find out exactly what we did that didn’t satisfy your expectation. How many other companies do you know that offer that? That’s right, none!

No Unknown Chemicals or Products – As a business, you want to make sure that your building is being cleaning safely and efficiently. So you should know EXACTLY what products are being used in your building. Working at a bank or a credit union, there are many ways in which the surfaces we clean may come into contacts with your employees or even your customers. You should not fear touching a computer mouse that was washed in bleach when you walk into work. When you hire Simple Clean, you will receive a complete list of the products we use for specific jobs and more importantly the environmental standard we uphold. Knowing exactly what is being used in your workspace will give you the confidence in knowing that you will be working in not only a clean environment, but a safe environment. You can expect your customers to be happy walking into your building, feeling secure and welcome! And guess what? No more lingering odors of cleaning chemicals!

Call us today at 973-922-0836, to see how we can help you stand out as a safe and welcoming bank or credit union!

Your customers will thank you. We promise.


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