Child and Day Care Facilities Cleaning Services

Are you unsure if YOUR Child Care Facility is REALLY being disinfected?
Don't YOU want to know who is cleaning your Child Care Facility and to establish a relationship?
Do you want to put your customers at ease so they feel safe about putting their child in YOUR hands, especially in a bacteria free facility?

Read on, because we can help YOU!

More and more children are spending time in day care now as the days of single parents and two income families are growing. As your child care facility grows and grows, the more YOU should be paying attention to the cleanliness and sterilization of your investment.

“A recent family survey by Pickering and his colleagues showed that the average head of household or spouse lost 13 workdays because of illness in his or her day-care-center child” (Young,

Jumping ahead of this problem will mean better referrals for your facility, happier customers, and above all that, a sanitary environment for employees and children to work and learn in. The Simple Clean is trained in understanding how bacteria spread, the major factors in why and where it spreads, and most importantly, how to stop it.

After researching the real pains and passion of Child Care facilities in New Jersey, we have created anti-bacterial systems in place that are PROVEN to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens. Lets take a look at some of the value and benefits YOUR Child Care facility will receive when using Simple Clean:

Professional grade cleaning solutions such as Envirox H2Orange2 117, which has a kill rate of 99.99% on most viruses and bacteria. You shouldn’t have to worry if the service YOU pay for and trust is using the proper equipment, and trained on the correct products for your Child Care facility.

The understanding and training of which areas hold the highest amount of bacteria, and how to effectively target those areas in your Child Care facility. You do not get a wipe and clean service, but an effective system that saves you time in not having to “redo” what the cleaning service did. Pretty much defeats the purpose of paying a cleaning service, doesn’t it?

Our "One time Simple System", which holds us accountable for EACH AND EVERY CLEANING. Each cleaning is finished off using this system, giving you the comfort of knowing YOU wont ever have that uncomfortable confrontation of, “Our restrooms were not cleaned properly, nor was the changing area disinfected!” We will have already known that, and taken it off your invoice, period.

Call us today at 973-922-0836, to see how we can help you stand out as a stress FREE, Bacteria FREE Child Care Facility!

Your kids and parents will thank you. We promise.


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