Gyms and Fitness Centers

Sick of asking your members to wipe down machines, or your members wondering if they are going to get sick when leaving YOUR fitness center?

STOP trading member benefits for cleaning services, and get the professional products and service you need so YOU can focus on building your business and bringing in more clients.

Take a look at the many ways Simple Clean can offer you value, and freedom from the stressful situation of cleanliness and your current and prospective members:

Professional and hospital grade disinfectants that have a 99.99% kill rate of bacteria such as MRSA, STAPHYLOCOCCUS, INFLUENZA, and the many types of FUNGUS. You will not lose clients due to the lack of cleanliness and sterilization.

The vigilant work of our staff knowing when and how to use what products on what machines will save YOU money, and give you the comfort of knowing the service YOU are paying for is educated and certified in your field.

Germ meters are used, so you can feel at ease knowing YOUR cleaning service is performing at a high level, and not just dusting and wiping machines. We are certified professionals, trained to clean in YOUR field.

Simple Clean’s "One Time Simple System" so YOU do not have to take time out of your day, or after the workday to babysit us. We do the legwork, take accountability, and fix our mistakes, so you can concentrate on making money! Too easy, we know.

The benefit that YOUR gym equipment will be disinfected at the specific person-person contact points which prevents bacteria transfer immediately. No more customers complaining about working with dirty equipment, getting sick, and most importantly, no more stress on your end.

GERM-FREE at the Gym: What You Should Know

With the many ways people can network and pass information through the digital age, the last thing YOU want is bad information getting out that people are uncomfortable using your facility. We have done plenty of research in the field, understand your customer base, and can reduce the stress and improve client retention in your gym or fitness center.

Using the most effective hospital grade disinfectants, and the most updated technology in the cleaning industry, you can stand out from your competition by using our professional and certified cleaning system.

Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate, and create a stress free, sterile environment for you and your customers!


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