Office Building Cleaning Service

Here at Simple Clean, we understand that there are many commercial cleaning services out there, and all seem to say the same thing- “We are the best”, or “We are extremely detailed and professional.”

Those phrases are all well and good, but none of them dive deep into the PASSION AND PAIN businesses have when looking for a professional cleaning service.

Don’t YOU want a service that can be held accountable for their actions, so YOU as the business owner or office manager do not have to deal with another problem or sketchy cleaning service? It should be as simple as making a phone call, meeting with an awesome employee from Simple Clean, and chatting about how we can make YOUR life simpler. The rest is on us to do the job, and create a stress free environment once we establish a healthy and happy relationship.

Let’s take a peek at a few benefits you would get from using Simple Clean:

Retaining Employees- One of the major problems we hear in this business is, “I don’t know who is coming in to clean this day or the next, and it’s really frustrating.” Now picture a company who has Family First as a core value, pays close attention to reducing turnover rate, and whose employees absolutely LOVE the job they do. Don’t EVER worry about a carousel of employees filtering through your office, that’s not us.

A Guarantee that actually works for YOU- Due to our "One Time Simple System", YOU won’t EVER have to be held accountable for our service, period. It might be difficult, but you can work with a cleaning service that doesn’t ask much from its customer! Yes, there is such a thing. If we miss something from your CORE FOUR problem areas, we take the cleaning off your bill, period. Who else does that? We answer-No one.

Products- You should know EXACTLY what products are being used in your office, especially if you are getting desks and phones cleaned. Putting a phone up to your ear covered in a bleach cleaner, should not be on your to-do list that day at the office. Your business will receive a list of the products we use for specific jobs and more importantly the environmental standard we uphold. The more you know about your cleaning services products, the more comfortable you will feel and the better your employees will feel. This will effectively increase employee productivity in the workplace, instead of complaining about that weird chemical smell!

Call us TODAY to schedule your FREE estimate and save yourself the headache of filtering through cleaning services and the carousel of their employees. Loving Life with Simple Clean.


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