While it is not possible to keep your carpet clean forever, it is possible to extend the life of your carpet and keep it clean and fresh.  When employees or customers walk into your office you want them to feel like they are welcome and the office is clean and tidy.  If your carpet is worn or stained it may not give your visitors the best first impression.  There are some key steps to preserving and extending the life of your New Jersey office carpet. If you are able to extend the life of your carpet you can save money over time by not having to replace it.  Here are 6 important steps to keeping your New Jersey office carpet clean and extending its life for as long as possible.

  1. Regular maintenance: Regular vacuuming can pull up dirt and grime and keep it from permanently staining your carpet. Daily vacuuming is ideal. If this is not possible, you should have your office carpet thoroughly vacuumed at a minimum of twice a week.  You also need to invest in regular deep carpet cleaning with industrial strength equipment.  The better you maintain a regular cleaning schedule the more you can prevent wear and tear.  Regular maintenance will go a long way toward increasing the life span of your carpet.
  2. Preventative measures: When you are at the office you probably can’t ask people to take their shoes off before entering like you might do at home. However, you can still take preventative measures to preserve your office carpet. You can ask people to refrain from eating or drinking in your office.  You can also be extra cautious with any materials that could stain your carpet.  If you regularly deal with items such as ink, oil or other easily staining items try to keep these items away from your office carpet at all times.  This will reduce the chance on unsightly staining.
  3. Use the correct cleaning products and technique: When cleaning your office carpet make sure that you are using appropriate cleaning supplies. Popular mechanics gives many tips on how to clean different types of stains at: For instance, this article recommends using club soda to combat beer and wine stains and shaving cream to tackle  wide range of stains.  It also recommends blotting stains instead of rubbing them.  The correct cleaning material will depend on the type of carpet you have installed.  Whenever you clean a stain be sure to use soft materials and gentle motions.  Do not scrub or pull the carpet fibers.  Your cleaning materials and technique should never damage the carpet.
  4. Cover high traffic areas when possible: Some wear and tear over time is unavoidable. Extend the life of your New Jersey office carpet by strategically placing area rugs, mats and chair mats in your office.  The carpet at the entry way of doors is commonly worn down quickly.  Use a welcome mat or runner to encourage people to wipe their feet and protect this area from damage over time.  Office chairs can also cause damage from the repeated rolling of the chair and the oils used to lubricate the chair wheels.  Utilize a chair mat under your office chair to protect your carpet.
  5. Take care of stains quickly: Accidents happen and you won’t be able to prevent all spills. When a stain does happen make sure that you clean and treat the stain immediately. The quicker the stain is taken care of the less likely it is that it will seep through the carpet and become permanent.  Swift action is required in the case of spills and stains.
  6. Hire professionals and work together as a team to keep your carpets as pristine as possible: While you can be the front line of defense for maintaining your office carpet, consider hiring cleaning professionals to partner with you. A professional will be able to work with you to advise on the best cleaning products and techniques as well as maintain a regular weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. Cleaning professionals will have the equipments and skill to care for your carpets and keep up with the regular maintenance needed.  This will ensure your carpets are receiving the treatment they need to look pristine for years to come.

Your New Jersey office carpets can be a long term investment with the proper treatment and care.  Carpet can be expensive to replace. Show off your office space with pride knowing you’ve taken all possible steps to preserve and protect your office carpet.  This will save you time and money in the long run.

July 13, 2016

How to Keep Your New Jersey Office Carpet Clean

While it is not possible to keep your carpet clean forever, it is possible to extend the life of your carpet and keep it clean and […]