At Simple Clean - It's About YOU

At Simple Clean we believe that YOU, as a business owner, have way more important things to be doing than babysitting your cleaning crew... and you do!
However, our research shows that finding and hiring a cleaning service is actually a major stressor for many business owners.
Fortunately, we can help.
Here at Simple Clean we have developed and perfected a system so that YOU get taken care of.

The Simple Clean Way:

Our “One Time Simple System”, which is created to save you time and stress. EVERYTHING is completed on the first visit, so there are no back and forth conversations and chit chatting. We complete the process in one day, giving you the freedom to concentrate on YOUR important items. We know it’s a pain to go back and forth, so we created this, for you, our lovely, lovely client. Why? Because WE LOVE YOU.

A personal touch and relationship, why? Here’s a quote from one of our current clients, “ We went with you instead of a chain because we wanted to establish a relationship and we believe in your values. We didn’t want to be part of the rat race of just another client, it’s really a trust and loyalty issue for us.” You won’t be a number here, and the door is always open to talk to ANYBODY.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, using our "Sad Face" system. Draw a sad face on any piece of paper, and we take the cleaning off your bill, plus meet to find out EXACTLY why you left it, and how we will fix it.

Our staff is trained by the IJCSA (International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association), which saves you time and money from having to BABYSIT a service YOU are already paying for. Who wants to do that? Yuck.

Uniformed, ID badge, and background checked employees so you don’t have to worry about strangers in your building. You won’t find anyone cleaning in a Metallica T-shirt (Unless you love the band, and want them to rock it) .

We retain employees because we treat them with respect, pay them well, and party with them. You get to meet the employees that clean your place, and hang with them for a bit. How cool is that? Talk to them, understand them, ask them about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Tell them what YOUR needs are. We love it, and so should you.

Cleaning Service


Because of the value of clean.

If you are DONE putting up with constantly switching cleaning services, instructing and babysitting your current cleaning service, and if you want to get back to concentrating on what’s IMPORTANT TO YOU

Call us right NOW at 973-922-0836 and let’s get YOU taken care of!!


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