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If you’ve ever wondered if you should hire a cleaning service for your business but thought that maybe the investment would not be worth it…think again!  While many feel that commercial cleaning services are a luxury that only some can afford, when looked at a little deeper, the question changes from if we can afford it, but how can we not afford it?

As a business owner, or manager, there are a myriad of details you have to keep on top of in order to run your business.  The weekly expense of paying another person or crew of people to come in and clean might seem frivolous when you already have other able bodies in your office who can help out. But sometimes it’s helpful to step back and ask yourself what resources am I using by not hiring professionals to come clean? Likely, you’re taxing your own people to do more, and step outside of their expertise to do something beyond their scope of employment.

So whether you’re setting up a new business, or you have an existing business without a regular professional cleaning crew, it might be time to evaluate how setting up a cleaning service for your business is actually good business.

Healthier Environment

There is much more to keeping a work space clean and sanitized than just regularly picking up.  Our experts know what to do in order to ensure a clean and healthy environment.  Additionally, as dust builds and germs are spread through every day contact, you can increase your risk of respiratory and sanitary hazards.  We don’t like to think about it, but surfaces all around your office are crawling with germs and bacteria that can cause sickness.  A proper office cleaning helps to regularly reduce those germs and therefor keeps your office healthier.

Greater Productivity and Better Morale

Chances are you’ve hired your staff because of their expertise in some area.  It probably wasn’t because they were professional cleaners.  When asking employees to pick up the slack and help with the cleaning this can greatly diminish the overall productivity of the office.  A properly trained and qualified cleaning crew helps alleviate this burden from your employees and will also result in giving your people permission to excel at what they do best.

Good First Impressions

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover.  But let’s be honest…we all do.  Making a good first impression to your clients, potential clients, and even your employees is important.  A clean environment tells the public that you care about people.  A clean environment also allows you to get noticed for the things that you’re really passionate about.


Consider the peace of mind that comes when you walk into your office after it was cleaned the night before? It smells good, it looks good, and it feels good.  Our cleaning services come at a time that is convenient to you.  Our staff can take care of your cleaning needs after the close of business so as not to disrupt your productivity.  Starting your day in a professionally cleaned space is a wonderful way to start your day!

Peace of Mind

We understand that your home and business are extremely personal to you.  Our professionals help free up your time to focus on more important matters, like providing great services and products to your customers.  When you know that things will be maintained and cleaned regularly you are freed up to spend your time on more important matters.   At Simple Clean, we understand that a customizable plan is what’s best for our customers.  Just as no two businesses are the same, our cleaning services are not one size fits all and be fully customized, to meet your individual needs.  At Simple Clean, our commercial cleaning services aren’t just for the privileged few, they’re for everyone.  You’ll soon discover how cleaning services for your business is smart business.  Call us today at 973-922-0836.

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Craig Kalucki
Worked in the U.S. Coast guard for 10 years as account and purchasing manager for various districts including Cape May, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Petaluma, CA, and Martha's Vineyard MA.Duties included but were not limited to: Setting up contracts for yearly and quarterly services. Holding a government purchasing agent card, purchasing items up to and over 30K, and approving bids up to 100K Trained in Small Acquisition Procedures, Purchase orders, Reconciliation between multiple accounts. Now the owner of Simple Clean, a premier commercial leaning company based in Sparta Township NJ.

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