Tired of babysitting your cleaning service?
Want your weekends back, instead of cleaning and maintaining your home?
Scared of hiring a big box service, that doesn’t customize your needs and
won’t communicate with you?
Sick of seeing different cleaners every time, not in uniform, or not friendly?

Simple Clean gives YOU the opportunity to ease all of these pains, and create a stress free, time saving environment. With our “One Time Simple System”, everything is completed on the first visit, saving you the headache of the cleaning service circus.

If YOU are looking to save TIME on hiring, interviewing, and babysitting a cleaning service, Simple Clean is the residential cleaning company for YOU.

However, if you enjoy stressing out about cleaning your New Jersey home, not trusting who is servicing it, and spending a ton of time hiring cleaners…WE ARE NOT FOR YOU!

Here are just a FEW of the MANY ways YOU can benefit from hiring us:

Our ‘One Time Simple System’ combines the entire process, from the initial price, to locking the door after the first cleaning. We save you time. Period.

You will get the same cleaners every time, in uniform, giving you sense of SECURITY and a PERSONAL FEEL.

Professional grade, peroxide based cleaning products derived from 98% natural ingredients. This let’s you know we are serious about disinfecting, not just surface wiping. YOUR money is going to good use, YOU are not getting a cheap product or service.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, using our "Sad Face" system. Draw a sad face on any piece of paper, and we take the cleaning off your bill, plus meet to find out EXACTLY why you left it, and how we will fix it.

Fill out our contact form, or give us a call Today at 973-922-0836. Schedule your FREE estimate and break free from the pains of housecleaning, and losing precious time.


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