What are the Best Cleaning Tools for Commercial Cleaning

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Best Cleaning Tools


The easiest way to make cleaning manageable and effective is to have the best cleaning tools available.

“Cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places.” (https://quotesgram.com/house-cleaning-funny-quotes/)  Cleaning is an activity very few people love, but it is a very necessary task.  In a business environment cleaning is especially important to keep your employees healthy and your workplace visually appealing to clients and customers.  Keep reading for the essential tools you’ll want to have for your commercial cleaning.

  1. A great vacuum. One of the top tips to a clean office is a quality vacuum to lift and remove daily dirt and grime. The first thing you need to consider is what you are primarily going to use the vacuum for.  The floors of a business are often the most used areas in the building.  If your floors are primarily carpet you will need to invest in a heavy duty vacuum that can handle repeated use and pull the dirt from the carpet fibers.  A bagged, upright vacuum might best suit your needs as these types tend to have the best suction.  You should also compare the vacuum to your physical needs.  If you are going to be using the vacuum on stairs and tight spaces, it will need to be lightweight and mobile.  If your primary need is a flat, easily accessible surface then a heavier vacuum may not be a problem.

Before purchasing your commercial vacuum, consider the maintenance and accessories.  Is there a warranty?  Does the vacuum need bags or filter replaced?  If you are comparing the price of several vacuums make sure you taking into account the cost of replacement items.  Also, do you need accessories?  If you need to clean drapes, furniture or unusually shaped nooks and crannies make sure that your vacuum choice comes with the necessary tools to get the job done.  Depending on your needs, the Dyson Cintec and The Shark Rotator both rank highly in reviews.  (http://www.smartreview.com/product-reviews/top-rated-vacuum-cleaners)

  1. A mop. Some floors need a little extra attention. For tile and laminate use a sanitary mopping system.  Traditional mops use cleaning solution and water and simply loosen the dirt on the floor and then move it around to dry and continue to soil your floor. Instead, opt for a reusable, more sanitary solution.  You can purchase a more traditional mop but try one that uses replaceable microfiber pads that can be reused and put through the washer and dryer to be sanitized.  If you invest in several pads they should last you some time and help keep your floor clean and germ free.   A steam mop is another option that uses microfiber pads and hot steam to clean and kill germs.  When using a steam mop it is important to vacuum first and then follow the directions closely to prevent damaging your floors.
  2. Toilet brushes. The restrooms are another place that harbors germs. Try using an angled brush to effectively reach and clean under the toilet rim. You also need a brush that has strong, durable bristles.  An added feature of a good toilet brush is an enclosed caddy that keeps the brush isolated from your other cleaning products.  If you don’t have a caddy or other enclosure available, be certain to disinfect your brush after each use and don’t cross contaminate places such as the sink and tub.
  3. Appropriate cleaning products. If you are concerned about going green, you need to choose environmentally friendly products. If you are cleaning a facility that has children, such as a school, it is important to use strong cleaners that don’t contain bleach or other harmful products.  Disinfecting hospitals will have unique challenges and need extra strength products while still adhering to any mandated rules regarding what can and can’t be used.  Each business or facility will have its own product needs and limitations.  Be certain you have done your research and find an effective product that meets your needs and is approved for use.
  4. All-purpose cleaners: A cleaning tool that is helpful to always have on hand is an all-purpose cleaner such as liquid pine sol original. It’s always good to have a convenient, do it all cleaner available. According to http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2015/10/best-bathroom-cleaning-products/index.htm pine sol original is a high ranking all-purpose cleaner that doesn’t leave streaks on glass surfaces.  You want your counter tops, desks and mirrors to be clean as well as presentable to clients and customers.
  5. 6. Quality toilet paper. While it may not seem like a priority, toilet paper should not only be comfortable it should also meet the needs of your plumbing system. Pay close attention to how the paper disintegrates to prevent pipes from clogging.  Your toilet paper should be affordable, comfortable and pipe friendly.  One brand that received the highest marks in all these areas is Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care. (http://thesweethome.com/reviews/the-best-toilet-paper/)
  6. Effective window cleaner. It can be an absolute nightmare to try and get your windows sparkling clean. Make your life as easy as possible by choosing a quality and easy to use product like Windex outdoor all in one.  This extendable tool comes with removable pads.  Each pad can be used for up to 20 windows before needed to be changed.  You simply add water to the pre-treated pads and the use the extension tool to reach your windows.  The pads are disposed of after use, keeping the windows sparkling and clean with newly treated pads.

Making sure your business is clean and sanitary is a big job.  Using the right tools can make the work easier and more effective.  If you don’t have time to deal with the details of cleaning consider outsourcing this work to the professionals.

You should know what to look for when hiring a cleaning company.  Be certain that outsourcing will spare you time and trouble instead of creating additional work.  At Simple Clean, we will take care of the dirt and grime and consult with you to make sure the best tools and products are being used.  We carefully screen our staff and take care of all employee oversight so you don’t have to.  Outsourcing can ensure your business is clean and sanitary will minimal effort on your part, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

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The easiest way to make cleaning manageable and effective is to have the best cleaning tools available. Keep reading for more information.
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