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October 6, 2016
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What is the Future of Cleaning? Close your eyes and imagine the future.  Did you picture a world that resembled the Jetson’s?  Were there self-driving cars or robots doing the laundry?  While some advances seem far-fetched others are not as far away as we might think.  The commercial cleaning industry is experiencing growth and improvements and while no one knows what the future holds we are able to make some educated guesses.


Cleaning tools have become more advanced and efficient.  Think about your home’s pool cleaner.  It used to be you, with a net, patiently or not so patiently fishing out all the leaves and various debris.  Now, with advances in technology you can utilize your pool’s filter and a robotic cleaner such as a Pool Rover or Aquabot to take care of the cleaning for you.  Now, take that progress and multiply it.  Technology is making great strides and automating some of what needs to be done.  For instance, vacuum’s have not only improved with bagless options, dozens of attachments and lighter more portable options; they’ve now become automated.  Neato robotics now offers a robotic vacuum which uses floor mapping technology to vacuum and clean floors without human guidance. It automatically adjusts to different floor types and if its batteries run low, will return to the charger and then return to its cleaning duties without assistance. (

In addition to improvements in the mechanical aspects of cleaning tools there are also improvements in the processes used for commercial cleaning.  For example, ultraviolet floor treatments can be used to cure floors instantly.  The equipment consists of a power supply and UV lights.  Once the floor finish is dry, the ultraviolet light is rolled over the floor, sealing and curing it immediately.   This technique allows floor treatment processes to be portable and time efficient.  This is the future of cleaning.  Robotics and technological advances can make cleaning automated and more efficient.

Environmental Responsibility

The future of cleaning is not limited to technology and robotics.  It also consists of advancements in chemicals and cleaners.  There is a distinct shift in the attitudes of clients and vendors in the commercial cleaning industry to focus on more environmentally friendly and sustainable products.  The future of cleaning will continue to stress with an even greater importance the need to adequately clean while also considering the environmental impact of the chemical cleaners and packaging. Packaging can be made out of biodegradable materials instead of plastic and chemicals themselves can be reconfigured for sustainability.  Green cleaning products are now readily available with entire lines of products available such as Green Shield, Seventh Generation and SimpleGreen.  There is a distinct shift from the use of cleaners that can be toxic or damaging to the environment.  Green alternatives that restrict or eliminate the use of potentially harmful chemicals is the wave of the future.

Environmental responsibility can be further promoted with educated cleaning personnel.  Staff members that are properly trained can help eliminate needless waste of chemicals by only using the amount of product that is needed.  In addition, staff can choose the most effective cleaning product to get the job done while still being mindful of the environmental impact.  Also, when cleaning products have reached the end of their life they need to be repurposed or disposed of correctly and responsibly.

The environment and sustainability continue to be important issues and more clients will seek like-minded commercial cleaners that share their vision of social responsibility.  Going green may be necessary for those companies that want to stay competitive.

Client expectations

As the commercial cleaning industry continues to grow, the future will include technological and environmental advances but most importantly it will necessitate the growth of client communication.  In the future, clients will continue to hone the priorities that are most important to them.  Commercial cleaners that are not in tune to the needs of the client will get lost in the shuffle.  The future of cleaning will bring clients that have even less time to devote to maintenance and facility issues and have higher standards for their independent contractors.  Client communication and trust will continue to be key to developing and maintaining long-term business.

Consistent and reliable staff are an absolute necessity.  Clients must have the assurance that the people working in their facilities are trustworthy and efficient.  This can best be accomplished by providing the same staff for each facility.  Having the same personnel at a facility enables them to develop working relationships with the clients.  It also reassures the client and establishes a level of trust.  The independent contractor will also need to take on as much of the staffing and cleaning responsibilities as possible.  The commercial cleaning company will need to assume responsibility for vetting and screening staff, oversight of the quality of work, and maintaining high standards of performance.  Busier clients will mean the more workload taken on by the contracted company, the better.

While no one can predict the future, commercial cleaning is trending in ways that make it easier to anticipate what’s to come.  While, we can’t foresee robots that eliminate the need for human interaction, there are definitely continued robotic advancements coming that can be leveraged to make cleaning easier and more efficient.  In addition, the trend towards environmental responsibility continues to push advances in product and procedures.  Finally, some things such as client communication and relationship building will not change but continue to be at the forefront of the commercial cleaning industry.  Simple clean understands that finding a client and meeting or exceeding his or her expectations is not only the wave of the future; it’s the foundation for any successful business relationship and growth.  Simple Clean looks towards the future to bring the best cleaning products, processes, and personnel to our clients.

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