Firms are often defined by the cleanliness of their offices, and so the appearance of your workspace is the first thing that suppliers, clients, and even prospective employees will notice when they arrive. Depending on the state of your work environment, these contacts may start to trust your company or decide to look elsewhere. A clean and organized environment is also more than just about creating an excellent first impression; it also provides an enjoyable, safe space for your employees. If you need further convincing, here we’ll explore the downfalls and risks of not hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office.

Compromised Profits

Choosing to try and cut costs by not hiring an office cleaning company may seem like a good idea, but it can actually be counterproductive. In fact, by neglecting your janitorial needs, you could be creating an unsafe and unhealthy environment for your team. In the long term, this could have a dramatic impact on your employee productivity and therefore, your profit margins.

Increased Staff Sickness and Absences

Another risk of neglecting your office cleaning is an increased staff sickness and absence rates. Dirty working conditions encourage illness that can spread through your workforce. For example, coughs and sneezes can easily spread germs across surfaces that are not adequately cleaned. This can mean that a simple cold could take down your entire team as the germs are spread through touching surfaces in communal areas and work stations.

Sub-par Working Experience

You need a safe, clean, and well organized environment to get the most out of your team, so it stands to reason that neglecting your cleaning could produce the reverse effect. No one enjoys working in a dusty, dirty, and grimy place, so you can expect your team to feel stressed and frustrated. This will translate into a poor work performance with disgruntled employees who are more likely to look elsewhere for other employment opportunities.

Poor Client Trust

When a client steps into your office, they need to see a clean and well organized space to have confidence in your business and services. When your office has a sloppy ambiance, a client is likely to wonder about how they will be treated. Since you may be handling crucial data, a client is likely to have concerns about whether you can be trusted with this information.

Distraction From Core Business

Finally, if you do fail to hire a local commercial cleaning company and try to allocate cleaning tasks to your team members, there is a risk that it will prove a distraction from your core business. You should ask yourself, do you want your team members sweeping floors and cleaning the communal kitchen or bringing in new clients and making sales? Your answer should be a clear indication that you need to call in a commercial cleaning service right now.

If you do want to enhance your business and ensure that your premises are clean, tidy, and organized, you should call in a reputable commercial cleaning service. A professional office cleaning company will offer the flexibility to meet your specific cleaning needs to ensure your office is presented at its best.