Many of us are aware of how a cleaning service can improve our home and businesses, but not all cleaning companies offer the same standard of service. Therefore, it is important to look for a company who offers a service guarantee. Here we’ll delve into this topic a little further, so you can fully appreciate the importance of a cleaning services guarantee.


A service guarantee is usually an indicator that a cleaning company will offer reliable services. When a company offers a guarantee, it shows that the team is prepared to look after the welfare of the customer and provide quality service. This means that you can trust that the company is not just profit oriented and actually cares about their work. Without any type of guarantee, it is impossible to trust cleaning services, as you have no idea whether they will place your needs as a priority of your business relationship.

Protecting your Welfare

A guarantee from cleaning services also protects your welfare. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning services, the guarantee will provide further cleaning without additional cost. This acts like a contract to ensure that you will always be a happy customer. So, if you find that the services don’t match your expectations, the company will aim to rectify the issues. This can also be beneficial for health concerns or issues, so you can feel happy and confident that you’re receiving excellent service.

Money Saving

A cleaning service guarantee can also save you money. If the job isn’t completed to your satisfaction or expectations, you can demand additional service. This means that you don’t have to waste time or money looking around for multiple service providers to complete the same task.

Building a Relationship

Cleaning services that offer a guarantee show that they want to build lasting relationships with their clients. These companies are highlighting that they are not merely interested in making a fast buck; they want to ensure that you are completely happy with their services and will become a return customer. Many companies don’t appreciate how valuable their existing client base is until they start to lose it and by offering a guarantee these companies are showing a commitment to keeping you happy in the long term and ensuring you continue to stick with them and their services.

Why Choose Simple Clean

The Simple Clean service guarantee highlights our utmost care for the welfare of our customers. We want to make sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with our cleaning services. Our guarantee means that if there is a complaint about an element of our cleaning services, we will not only address the issue, but also take something off your bill.

This means that you don’t need to worry about our standard of service; you can relax in the knowledge that your home or business premises are in good hands and should any issue arise, you can have complete confidence that the Simple Clean team stands ready to take the appropriate action to ensure that you’re happy.