A good cleaning company almost works like magic; you leave your building at the end of the day, and when you return in the morning, the place is spotless. Although it can be tempting just to assume that you can allow this magic to happen without any intervention, there are some important reasons why you should meet the team cleaning your building.

Meeting Your Needs

Your business is unique, so it is essential to focus on services that are tailored to your specific needs. While you may enjoy adequate results with an assembly line of cleaners, a regular cleaning team provides consistency. Your team can provide you with a personalized service that accommodates all of your specific needs. By meeting your team, you can address any concerns or issues to ensure that the cleaning is performed to your high standards. You can even discuss cleaning checklist issues that may need additional attention during the standard cleaning appointment.


While using a reputable cleaning company is a good start to assuring the security of your building, nothing can beat a face to face meeting. When you meet your cleaning crew, you can put names to faces and develop a rapport with the team. This puts your mind at ease that the people working in your building out of hours are honest, trustworthy, and professional.


In addition to putting your mind at ease, meeting your cleaning team can also provide excellent accountability. You will know who is in your building and when, which can be invaluable in the cases of theft, insurance claims, or even accidents. Your cleaning company will have a register of who is working at what properties. However, you are the first point of contact, so in the event of an accident or event, you will be able to let the emergency services know how many people are working in the building after hours.

Company Insight

Meeting your cleaning team also provides insight into the company you’ve hired. Company promotional information is designed to showcase their best qualities, but you can’t always believe the marketing hype. Getting to meet the real human beings associated with the company will help you to appreciate the genuine qualities of the company. You can see that the cleaners are well treated as employees and the cleaning company is interested in ensuring that you are completely happy with their services.

Peace of Mind

Finally, meeting your cleaning team will provide you with peace of mind. You’re likely to have worked very hard to establish your business, so you need to know that it is left in good hands when you leave for the night. When you leave at the end of your business day, you don’t want to be at home or socializing with friends and be unable to stop thinking about what is happening inside your building.

If you are looking for a superb cleaning service, be sure to speak to the Simple Clean team. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and arrange a cleaning schedule tailored to your specific needs.