We all love a bargain, and in this tight market, many business owners look to try and reduce costs wherever possible. While there may be areas where it may be possible to streamline your expenses, hiring the cheapest commercial cleaning service can actually be bad for business, which we’ll explore in further detail here.

No Insurance

The most obvious reason to avoid the cheapest commercial cleaners is a lack or inadequate insurance. Cheaper companies often look to cut costs by cutting corners and not having the appropriate insurance and licensing. When you invite a cleaning company onto your business premises, you need to be sure that should an accident occur; you’ll not be left with a costly bill. From needing to replace a piece of equipment that has been damaged to paying out for an injury claim, there can be some serious consequences to working with a company who lacks proper insurance coverage.

Hiring Cheap Employees

Another way cheap cleaning companies save overhead is to hire cheap employees. Unfortunately, when someone is not being adequately paid for their services, they tend not to care about the task they are performing. This means that you may find your cleaning needs are met with a cavalier attitude, so the job is not likely to be completed to your satisfaction.

A Quick Clean

Even if the company has hired dedicated professionals, they may look to cut their overhead by assigning their staff to work on your premises for a shorter period. The best cleaning crew in the world cannot complete three hours of cleaning in one-half hour, so again, you’re likely to be disappointed with the results.

A Bad Culture

When your premises are not properly cleaned, an air of neglect can develop. This can create a bad culture for your team. Your employees come into work every day and when they are faced with dirty bathrooms, dusty desks and unclean carpets, it can leave them feeling like you don’t care about your business or them. And if you don’t care about your business, why should your employees? So, you’re likely to find your team is more likely to cut corners and not go the extra mile to get a project completed.

Creating The Wrong Impression For Clients

For whatever reason, if your cleaning crew does not keep your premises looking good, it can be an embarrassment for any business owner. When you have clients or customers visiting your premises, they are likely to notice that the carpets don’t look clean or there is dust accumulated in the reception area. This creates the impression that your business doesn’t concern itself with the finer details. So, your potential customer may look elsewhere for a company who will look after them as well as they look after their premises.

While hiring the cheapest cleaning company may seem like a good idea on the surface, it can actually have a detrimental impact on your business. Fortunately, you can rely on Simple Clean to get the job done!