Technology seems to be developing at breakneck speed, with smart technology becoming integrated into almost every household function. These days, it seems that virtually any appliance or chore involves smart technology. So, what does this mean for your business and will robots eventually replace your cleaning staff?

The Latest Cleaning Technology

While it may seem easy to overlook, cleaning technology has come a long way in a relatively short time. The first vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901, and now we have robot vacuum cleaners, window cleaners, and even a robot mop. There is the latest in “smart” technology such as the Washlet that eliminates the need for toilet paper by using an ultra hygienic wash and dry nozzle. While this type of device is designed to provide a nicer experience, as you don’t even have to lift the lid to use the Washlet, it also eliminates the need for janitorial staff to replace the toilet roll in a dispenser.

These devices hint at the potential future inside our homes and businesses and with the development of artificial intelligence or even automatic machines on timers, there seems like there would be little need for human intervention in basic tasks.

In fact, tech companies are currently developing plans to create automated hotel rooms that clean themselves. This may feature fold up beds that whisk away on a track to a cleaning platform where they are remade before being sent back and UV technology to rapidly clean and sanitize the whole room. This seems like a futuristic age, but will it have an impact on cleaning companies as a whole?

What Does It Mean For Cleaning Staff?

While all these technological developments may appear to eliminate the need for humans, it seems that cleaning staff will be needed for a long time to come. Even with the most sophisticated technology, there will be various points in the process that will require human intervention. For example, the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner now has an automatic dirt disposal feature. However, it still needs to be emptied by a human once it reaches the maximum 30 bin capacity.

Another consideration is that it is still relatively early for much of this hi-tech cleaning equipment so it can cost some serious cash. This means that it is likely that a takeover of the cleaning profession by smart tech may be far ahead in the future.

So, while it is easy to become carried away thinking that robots will take over all the jobs in the world, particularly in the cleaning industry, it is unlikely to happen any time in our lifetimes. However, there are some positive takeaways. For example, the technology may allow for more hygienic conditions, which will make cleaning tasks more manageable. This will mean that your cleaning staff will be able to ensure that your premises are clean in less time.

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